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14 | C&K Custom Remodeling

Luxury Remodel in Lake Oswego

C&K Custom Remodeling

CCB #212143 | (503) 505-7309 |

Home Facts

Square Feet: 2,900 | Bedrooms: 4 | Bathrooms: 2 | Half Baths: 1

Key Vendors

NW Natural Appliances | The Fixture Gallery | Accent Lighting | Chown Hardware | Worthwood LLC

About The C&K Custom Remodeling Project

An updated take on traditional design offers a distinguished, luxurious aesthetic through built-up moldings, cabinetry, and mantles. This ensures each space exudes sophistication and timeless elegance. Muted tones like white, taupe, green, and blue create a calming palette that harmonizes beautifully with rich, warm hardwood floors, making the home feel airy and inviting.

Luxurious lighting fixtures featuring brass accents are strategically placed throughout, adding opulence and warmth. These elegant choices enhance the overall ambiance and seamlessly complement the traditional design elements.

Custom built-ins and cabinetry throughout provide practical storage solutions while enhancing the overall design. These bespoke elements are tailored to the specific needs and tastes of the new occupants, ensuring every corner of the home feels personalized and exclusive.

Two thoughtful additions enhance the home’s functionality and beauty. The sunroom has been transformed into a large office, enveloped by the lush green backyard, creating a serene workspace. This office offers a perfect blend of indoor comfort and outdoor beauty, ideal for productivity and relaxation. Additionally, a new space off the garage provides ample storage for the client’s extensive holiday decor, ensuring these items are easily accessible and well-organized.

Built-up moldings add depth and character to walls and ceilings, drawing the eye upward and creating a sense of grandeur. Mantles, often the focal point of a room, are given special attention, becoming functional yet decorative elements that anchor the design.

The choice of materials and finishes is crucial in achieving the traditional yet updated look. High-quality woods and meticulous craftsmanship are evident in every piece of cabinetry, from kitchen units to bathroom vanities and living room bookshelves. These details convey a sense of permanence and quality that is a hallmark of traditional design.

This modern take on traditional design balances elegance and comfort, creating spaces that are visually stunning and exceptionally livable. The integration of built-up moldings, custom cabinetry, thoughtful color choices, and luxurious lighting results in a home that is not only beautiful but also tailored to the residents’ lifestyles and preferences. This approach ensures the home remains inviting and luxurious, blending tradition and contemporary style perfectly.

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