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10 | Prometheus - Freewell

Freewell, a Prometheus Neighborhood in Slabtown

Prometheus Real Estate Group

Home Facts

Square Feet: 485-1460 | Price Points: $1,500 - $4,500/Month

Open days/hours

Coming soon!

About Freewell

Freewell, a Prometheus Neighborhood

You’ve found it. Whether guided by simple wanderlust or by purposeful pursuit

Freewell is sure to capture your imagination. Creative souls from all walks of life are

drawn to the Slabtown neighborhood for its low-key living mixed with big city energy

and sprinkled with easy access to everything. Glowing natural light-filled spaces,

and stunning art around every corner. Yes indeed, life at Freewell is every bit as

awesome you as you imagine it could be.

Where Creativity Calls Home

Alive with color, imaginative amenities, and down-to-the-last-detail design, Freewell

speaks to the artist in all of us. Here, beauty is literally all around, whether found in

the subtle swirls of color in your bathroom’s tile or in the happy little trees at the park

you can see from your window. Refined and artistic touches from floor to ceiling

make living at Freewell a truly inspiring experience.

Natural Glow

You don’t have to be Annie Leibovitz to know that natural light is the best light, and

we’ve got so much of it! Plentiful southern exposure, big, beautiful windows, and European style terraces are all key to bringing in more precious golden rays.


About Prometheus Real Estate Group

Prometheus Real Estate Group is the largest private owner of multi-family properties in the San Francisco Bay Area with a growing portfolio in the Portland and Seattle regions. Since its inception in 1965, Prometheus Real Estate Group has specialized in the acquisition, development, and management of high-quality residential and commercial properties throughout the Western United States. Prometheus is a certified B Corporation, the largest multifamily company to receive this certification, and believes in Good Living for the Greater Good™.

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