South Hillsboro: Where Community Comes to Life

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South Hillsboro: Where Community Comes to Life

Discover state-of-the-art homes and a new community as South Hillsboro hosts the 2018 NW Natural Street of Dreams®.

Welcome to South Hillsboro, the largest master-planned community in Oregon history.

Visit six Street of Dreams homes at The Reserve Golf Club in South Hillsboro. Overlooking holes 10, 11, and 12, these innovative show homes will introduce you to a new community nearly 20 years in the making.


Master-planned streets, schools, parks, trails, retail centers, and gathering spaces create a welcoming neighborhood that highlights the best of Hillsboro.

Three unique districts — Rosedale Parks, Reed's Crossing, and Butternut Creek — will offer a variety of housing types, all within walking distance of schools, parks, trails, dining, and shopping.

Parks, Nature, and Recreation. With 286 acres of parks and open spaces, every resident will live within ¼ mile of a park, trail, or recreation facility.

Schools. In addition to the existing Rosedale Elementary School, South Hillsboro will host three new schools: two elementary schools and one middle school. Co-location of schools and parks will enable sharing of sports facilities and green space.

Town and Village Centers. Reed's Crossing will feature a main street lined with shops, public spaces, and a variety of housing options. South of Butternut Creek, a village center will offer options for dining, shopping, and community gathering.

Getting Around. It's an 8-minute drive to Orenco Station; 20 minutes by bike. $450 million in infrastructure improvements will accommodate new commuters and ease traffic. A 15-mile network of bicycle and pedestrian trails will connect South Hillsboro and surrounding areas.

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